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about your run coach


Your Run Coach Founder & Head Coach Ian

Ian's Background:

Run Coach & Personal Trainer, with a passion to help you Find Your Victory in the sport:

  • Qualified UKA Run Coach

  • Level 3 Personal Trainer

  • 21 years in running

  • 10 years in coaching

  • 7 years in triathlon

  • GB Age Group Triathlete: World Championships 2016

My Why?

I quite simply love to run, want to help you discover a passion for the sport, and of course help you hit your goals.

I know what it's like to tackle anxiety and fear around ability. Taking on something new, trying to achieve the impossible, as well as overcoming major injuries and mental health issues.

In 2018, I broke my leg in three places and dislocated my ankle.


After 9 pins, a metal plate and a long, tough comeback, I won my first race back. Being able to run again was a huge victory.

Favourite Distance:

I love a ParkRun, 5-10k, & anything on a trail with a great view!

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Your Run Coach: Ben

Ben's Background:

Run Coach with experience working with elite athletes and recreational runners, from 5km to Ultra events. Have a passion to see you reach your potential. 

  • BSc (Hons) In Sports Science

  • Masters in Sport Analysis

  • Qualified UKA Run Coach

  • 5 years working in Elite Sport Analysis 

  • From social runner to competitive national level athlete. 

  • 12 years running

  • 15 years in coaching

My Why?

I got into the sport to travel the world and run marathons in new locations for the “fun” of it. I finished my first in America and I caught the running bug. 


Although I still aim to have fun in the sport, my goals now are sightly different. I have the aim of trying to gain qualification to represent my country at either the marathon or ultra marathon distance. 


Regardless of whether I achieve that, as the poem Song of the Ungirt Runners goes “I run because I like it through this broad bright land.”

Favourite Distance:

Half Marathon & Marathon



Athlete Ambassador Corinne

Athlete ambassador with a strong love for all types of exercise, especially running and weight lifting.

  • Level 1 Qualification in Sports Leadership UK

  • IB Diploma including Sports Science

  • 6 months running

  • 3 years weightlifting

  • Hybrid athlete

My Why?
I love to take part in exercise. I believe that you can push yourself past your limits, while exercising, if you approach the task with a positive mindset.

I got into fitness from a young age. Specifically playing netball and training to be in an elite netball programme at school. During 2020 this ceased, as a result I chose to move to running and weightlifting.

After experiencing a mental rough patch around exercise and nutrition, I have flipped the script on this through my own personal journey and have found a true passion to help others do the same through my social media channels. 

A quote I will always live by: “Grit is living life like it’s a marathon, not a sprint” - Angela Duckworth.

Favourite distance:
10k and Half Marathon

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...let's journey together to find

you a personalised solutioN!

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